Chicken Soup


This recipe was updated on 5/02/08: My Chicken Soup, By the Numbers

I make this recipe a little bit differently each time. Use what vegetables you have, the trick is to simmer the soup for as many hours as possible. I often put it up right after lunch and serve it for dinner. Because I use a kosher chicken, I don’t add salt. Pat yourself on the back if leftovers become gelatinous when chilled… you’ve made great soup!

When the soup is done, I strain it so that I have perfectly clear broth. Then I make separate packages of the vegetables and chicken, so people can add back in to the plain soup whatever they prefer.

1 pullet chicken
carrots, peeled and cut into big chunks
celery, chunked
onions, in wedges
parsnips, chunked
fresh parsley, chopped fine
fresh dill, chopped fine

Clean chicken and add to large stock pot. Put as many veggies as you’d like on top, and fill the pot with water so all the ingredients are covered. Bring to boil, stir. Then simmer for a minimum of 2 hours on a low heat. Skim the top of the soup as the raft forms. After several hours, remove all solids from the soup. Discard bones, and break up meat into smaller pieces. Add vegetables and meat to each individual bowl of soup, and serve with matzah balls or noodles.