Flush Koalas, Dry Cornbread, & Mice

A. has been eating Koala Krisp cereal for breakfast. There’s a slug on the box that proclaims “1% of sales donated to wildlife”. I know they mean they give money to wildlife ORGANIZATIONS, but every time I read it I imagine the nice people at EnviroKidz handing twenties directly to a bunch of koalas. Which then makes me think of Mitch Hedberg’s koala infestation skit. (There’s some adult language in that link, if that matters to you.) J. and I find him hysterical, I would have loved to have had an opportunity to see him live.

I updated my pareve cornbread recipe. Once the muffins were cool they were kind of dry and a lot tougher than when they were straight out of the oven. Apparently I’m not the only one seeking a moist, tender non-dairy (or vegan) cornbread. I’ll try this Blue Ribbon Vegan Cornbread next.

My pest control guy has declared my house to be mouse-free (most likely). They’ll come back to monitor some baiting stations in the basement next month, but it seems sealing up a window down there and some traps (ouch) took care of the couple of critters that were coming in and out. To celebrate, I scrubbed out my pot cabinet and put everything back in its place. Ahhh. So much better.