Yogurt-Covered Celery

We’ve been mixing things up on the yogurt front here, trying to find something that meets my kids’ approval on taste and mine on sugar content. Lately we’ve hit a sweet spot with Stonyfield Farm’s low-fat vanilla yogurt, which come in a 6 oz. container.

Here’s my problem with the yogurt. Stonyfield Farm uses a foil top on the containers rather than a plastic lid, which apparently saves about 270 tons of plastic each year. Good for them, bad for me. Maybe I don’t know how to pack a grocery bag, but I’ve punctured at least one of the yogurts after they’re bagged and in my car three times already in the past couple of months. Most recently, I arrived home to find a lid ripped open and some yogurt-covered celery as the obvious guilty party. I need to stop packing my yogurt with pointy vegetables.

3 thoughts on “Yogurt-Covered Celery

  1. The title of this post caught my eye – I thought you might have a (gross!) new recipe to tell us about! I am a bit fanatic about packing my groceries. I try to put things in bags with other like items – mostly so I can go to one area of the kitchen to unload a bag. So I wouldn’t have yogurt covered celery – but I might have yogurt covered string cheese – equally messy, perhaps not as gross!

  2. My mother also complained about the foil tops, saying she can no longer use the empty yogurt containers to hold leftovers, so she just ends up throwing them out. So much for saving plastic and recycling!

  3. Well, this might make you feel better sbout your Stoneyfield dilemma…I long to have their yogurt here. I really really wanted it when my children were younger. Sometimes the little organic grocery store by us will have some (but never the kid stuff), but it is almost always just about to the expiry date. So, even if it has a crappy lid you still have it at your local grocery store;o)

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