Pretty, Pretty Cauliflower


Dinner tonight was baked tofu in almond & cilantro sauce. I really like this recipe, but then again it’s the only way I’ve ever experimented with baking tofu.

Tonight I subbed in chopped red peppers for the peas, and I actually made the sauce in my food processor (it was already out as I began preparing tomorrow’s Overnight Mac & Cheese). I just dumped the raw sauce over the tofu and veggies, and baked an extra 10 minutes so the sauce thickened up a bit more. I wouldn’t normally bother to take out my Cuisinart just for this sauce, but it worked well tonight.

I also cut the cauliflower in slices rather than trimming the florets off the stalk as I usually do. (Oh, I’ve really crossed into the obsessed category now — thinking about different ways to cut up my cauliflower!) I got the idea from In Praise of Sardines, who had such a pretty picture of his own cauliflower. I think the cauliflower cooks more evenly this way, and I also wound up with more usable vegetable and less waste. Plus, they’re so pretty, like snowflakes.

My beautifully sliced cauliflower did nothing to entice my boys. They came flying into the kitchen as I was pulling the dish out of the oven, thinking there was a batch of cookies emerging. Nope, just tofu and veggies. Sorry, guys!

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  1. We do “sizzled tofu”, which is a quick skillety adaptation of a Moosewood baked tofu recipe. I don’t seem to have a recipe for it around at the moment, but this is the original.

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