Crumbs, 2/28

celerytote.jpgMy “celery [stalker]” tote arrived today from FoodTees. It’s especially appropriate for me right now considering my recent Facebook obsession. (Must. Get. Off. Computer. Now.) I really like the shape of the bag, but the cool image is less bold than it appears on their Web site. Oh well, it’s fun anyway.

ronzonismarttaste.jpgWe’ve tried Ronzoni’s new higher-fiber pasta a couple of times now — the line is called Smart Taste, and it sticks out in the pasta aisle due to its purple box. J. thought it tasted like regular white pasta. Two ounces of dry pasta has 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. While I actually prefer the taste of whole wheat pasta, and the boys generally don’t mind it either, this is a nice alternative.

mailledijon.jpgI’m very into Maille mustards lately. The Dijon Old Style is a whole grain mustard, nice and vinegary with mustard seeds that pop in your mouth. I love it mixed in with egg salad (use 1 part mustard to 2 parts mayo). The Dijon Original is also delicious, extremely creamy and sharp.

J.’s home early, so my post on Overnight Mac & Cheese will wait until tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Crumbs, 2/28

  1. We also use Dreamfields pasta b/c it is high fiber high protein and tastes normal to my J.
    I am also a fan of Maile and love it in meatloaf.

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