Mac & Cheese Watch, 2008

080228macwatch1.jpg  080228macwatch2.jpg

Tonight’s dinner is the Overnight Mac & Cheese I found on Serious Eats. As the name indicates, I had to start it yesterday. The idea is that you soak the partially-cooked macaroni in milk, cream, and cheese overnight and then bake it off the next day for delicious creamy goodness. I’m a little skeptical about the amount of cheese (it doesn’t look like enough), but the noodles are absorbing the liquid very well. The first picture is from 2:30 PM Wednesday afternoon, and the second photo is from about 8 AM this morning. Check back later today for the finished result!

3 thoughts on “Mac & Cheese Watch, 2008

  1. Hmmm, it will be healthier with less cheese right…but I am not so sure it is enough either. I’ll check back later to find out…

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