Menu Plan Monday, 3/31 – 4/6


There was a lot of really delicious, mostly nutritious food coming out of my kitchen this past week (the cauliflower gratin and pumpkin cupcakes were standouts), and that made me very happy. I did feel rushed and a little overwhelmed a couple of nights, so I’m scaling back this week a bit and making some easier meals that are also things my boys are likely to eat.

Also, the last two chickens I cooked with (a whole cut-up chicken, and some packages of thighs) didn’t seemed to be cleaned as well as what I normally get from my butcher. [Caution! Gross raw meat imagery ahead!] Kosher chickens are usually in really good shape, but these were still a little bloody in places and had a few more pin feathers than usual. As a result I’m not cooking any chicken this week, I’m still a little grossed out. I may have to ease back into chicken with skinless, boneless breasts. I should really talk to my butcher about it, but I’m too chicken. ; )

By the way, my mom and I are not the only ones who liked the curried ginger-lime chicken. I threw out a few of the pieces that I could just not get cooked properly (and having already been somewhat disgusted by the raw chicken, I just didn’t have it in me to persevere). Raccoons broke into our metal cans (with lids bungee-corded down!) and went to town on our leftovers. There are little greasy raccoon footprints all around our cans. J. wins a medal for cleaning the whole thing up (totally vile, especially for a guy who can’t even stand cooked chicken) while I was visiting my parents with the boys. Is that true love, or what?

Monday: Ropa vieja in my crock pot, barley (bumped from Sunday)

Tuesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots & celery sticks

Wednesday: Chicken sausage with spaghetti, broccoli

Thursday: Bring in pizza, salad

Friday: Breakfast for dinner: pancakes

Saturday: Dinner out

Sunday: J. grill steaks?

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9 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, 3/31 – 4/6

  1. I have similar issues with chicken as well. I can’t eat off the bone anymore, so when we serve things like chicken wings (which my kids love) I always have something else. I am keeping it pretty simple at my house this week too.

  2. This is more my speed- pizza in, going out, pancakes and grilled cheese for suppers. I’ll be relaxing right along with you this week:O)

  3. You have racoons?? Crazy! You have to bungee-cord your garbage lids down! It’s like you live in the forest:O)

  4. I’m right with you on the chicken! It’s a weird quirk of mine…but I often wear disposable gloves when handling it. I find that I’m able to eat it more easily the less contact I have with it during preparation!!!

    I definitely want to try your pumpkin cupcakes!

  5. I was thinking chicken sausage also! I have also gotten requests all around, so I am trying to fit those in.

  6. Breakfast for dinner is always a hit at my house. We’re having an easy, kid-friendly week, too. Have a great week!

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