Trail Mix for Grown-Ups

Sahale Snacks makes a line of spiced fruit, nut, and seed mixes I just discovered, and I am a major fan. My photo above is the Soledad blend, which comprises almonds, dried apples, flax seeds, and balsamic vinegar, plus some natural sweeteners and a kick from hot pepper. The mix is mildly sweet, a little spicy, and all-around delicious.

Plus all of Sahale’s mixes are all-natural, have no trans fat, and also use no artificial colors or flavors. My local health food store, Mrs. Green’s, carries the line, and I definitely want to try the Sing Buri next — cashews, dried pineapple, peanuts, and sesame seeds glazed with soy, lemongrass, and mild Chinese chili. What could be bad? If you can’t find them locally, Amazon sells all six nut mixes.

P.S. I just like the stuff — I have no affiliation with the company!

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    I’ve only been reading your blog for a short time now but I just love it !! Thought you might like to know that I included it in a little post about cool new sites I’ve discovered ! You can see it on my recipe blog ~ Pass The Beans Please.

    The post is called Blogs Of Interest if you are interested !:)

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