Menu Plan Monday, 5/26 – 6/1

Last week had no great successes. I enjoyed the braised skirt steak with garlic sauce, but the boys wouldn’t touch it and I didn’t love it reheated, either. (Plus the photo makes me cringe every time I look at it, but it was the best one I got!) I had hoped to get to some baking this weekend, but we’ve been busier than expected so that dropped off the plan. Overall it was an uninspired week cooking-wise.

Here’s my short and sweet menu plan for this week:

Monday: Memorial Day! bringing a roasted veggie pasta salad to a lunch BBQ; then those elusive Spicy Cheese Enchiladas that I still have not made for dinner

Tuesday: Banana Pancakes (made with whole eggs), grapes or watermelon

Wednesday: Chicken Scarpariello with whole wheat spaghetti, steamed broccoli

Thursday: Bring in pizza, salads

Friday: Chicken Coleslaw Wraps

Saturday: Take out or eat out

Sunday: Grill steaks?

For more menu planning ideas, check out Laura at Organizing Junkie.

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, 5/26 – 6/1

  1. Your menu looks great, especially the Spicy Cheese Enchiladas. Had to bookmark for future menus!

    Cheers, Kiy

  2. I seriously want a food blog again so I can post my menus for the week, now that I’m activley planning what I’m eating again.

  3. You like eggplant a lot…I like it sometimes and sometimes I find it bitter. Do you ever find that?

    I do. And actually, I think I’m sensitive to it… lately it’s been making my mouth and tongue itch. I think I forgot about that when I bookmarked this recipe! — Dara

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