Pickled Okra & Popping Chocolate

I’ve had both of these new-to-me items in the past two days, and no, I’m not pregnant!

The Talk 0′ Texas Crisp Okra Pickles were in my supermarket, I grabbed them because I thought J. would love them. I couldn’t have guessed I’d like them too, I thought they’d be soggy and unbearably spicy, but they were neither. I wonder if they’d make a good dirty martini…

My mom brought the chocolate back from Israel. It’s Elite milk chocolate with “popping candy” — like Pop Rocks — inside. Very bizarre. Even after the chocolate melted away you’d still get these surprising crackling sensations all around your mouth. The boys, of course, clamored for a piece and I was sure they’d be freaked out by it (they ask for a sip of soda every once in a while, and do not like the carbonation at all). But they loved the chocolate and even when I asked them directly they didn’t find the popping sensation to be unusual. Serious Eats mentioned this Israeli chocolate bar last year, and it seems Pop Rocks came out with their own limited edition version, so if you’re desperate to try it you can probably get your hands on one version or another.

7 thoughts on “Pickled Okra & Popping Chocolate

  1. The popping chocolate sounds like the Aero bars. I am looking forward to eating those when Jodi comes:)

  2. Hi Merrie:O) No popping in Aero bars….just bubbles:O) But we did have Mini eggs here this year with popping stuff in them. The chocolate looks good Dara.

  3. OMG! i just picked these up at wegman’s on saturday and blogged about them on june 1st haha. apparently there really IS something to these okra šŸ™‚ nice blog -melissa

  4. I love love love pickled okra!!! When you cook okra, it’s unbelievably mushy and slimy, but when you pickle it, it’s out of this world. I usually have to get my friends in Texas to keep me supplied with it, though.

  5. We have popping chocolate in Australia call Magical Elves & they’re only released for Christmas. Every Boxing Day I hit the supermarkets to stock up on a “year’s supply”- Iā€™m lucky if they last until February!!!

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