I Don’t Think These Are Flapjacks, Mommy

Last night I made Nick’s Banana Pancakes for dinner. I only used one banana and blended it into the batter, rather than slicing an additional one into the pancakes, because there’s no way the kids would have eaten it if the fruit was visible. Otherwise I followed the recipe, using whole eggs and 4% cottage cheese. I thought this was a nice, easy recipe and although I was skeptical that the oats would blend up into a smooth batter, they did. (I used my Cuisinart to blend the ingredients, as I don’t own a blender.)

Even without added sugar, I thought the banana made it sweet enough that it would pass muster with the boys. Nope. I felt very deceptive and sneaky — I’d told the boys I was making pancakes for dinner, and they were thrilled, thinking I was making the usual recipe. A. went so far as to request I make 20 pancakes, so he could have 10 and his brother could have 10. I totally let them down when I served this new version.

G. didn’t know what to make of it all — they looked like something he loved, but they did not taste right to him. He just couldn’t figure it out. Finally, he just sort of sadly pushed his plate away and told me “I don’t think these are flapjacks, Mommy.” A. managed to eat a couple, and he had watermelon. Overall it was a huge bust. Still, I’d recommend the recipe to someone with less picky kids — it’s an easy way to get protein and fruit into a well-loved carbohydrate meal.

This morning A. asked me to make “real flapjacks” for breakfast. (It still makes me grin every time they call them that, rather than pancakes!) I didn’t have time this morning, but I did make them for lunch, and I used all whole-wheat flour. They gobbled them up. I may try adding a pureed banana to my regular pancake recipe next time, and see if that works for them.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think These Are Flapjacks, Mommy

  1. They just know hey…my kids would totally know if I used a different recipe. We have been using the Nigella recipe…where she keeps the dry portion already mixed and handy…then adds the egg, butter whatever right before making them. Makes them seem like slightly healthier pancakes??

  2. I love the story. I would have probably enjoyed the “fake” flapjacks. They sounded yummy! I try to add fruit to my baking in the hopes that R wouldn’t notice. He always notices and he’s an adult. His usual comment is, “I can understand why some people might like this…”

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