4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday, 6/30 – 7/6

  1. it all sounds so good Dara 😉 especially the Chicken Castillo yum.did you find the recipe in a cookbook or online? thanks for sharing..have a great week

    Hi Michelle, the Chicken Castillo is my mom’s recipe (my dad made up the name!). It’s basically a chicken cacciatore, and this will be my first time making it in the crock pot. I’ll post the recipe once it’s made. — Dara

  2. Great looking menu, but I have a question. For Wednesday dinner you have yogurt or mac & cheese for your boys. If you serve yogurt is that all you serve? Sounds like a nice easy meal, I’d love to get away with just that for dinner! 🙂

    Cheers, have a great week, Kiy

    Hi Kiy, yogurt for any meal is pretty much their favorite. I serve it with fruit and crackers, rolls, or dry cereal. Yogurt is the “meal” I can most easily get away with my kids! — Dara

  3. Mmmmmm, Chicken Castillo! That brings me back to after my little J was born, and you brought me a huge vat of it! I ate it 3 nights in a row, it was so good!!

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