CSA Share, Week 9

Five ears of corn, a cucumber, a zucchini (it’s fun seeing how much larger they get each week), a yellow squash, red and yellow chard (so pretty!), green beans, red (purple, really) potatoes, basil, a bunch of carrots, and some tomatoes.

My mom recently brought me some Gourmet Fried Onion Pieces from Trader Joe’s, so I’m feeling the urge to make a green bean casserole. On a small scale, though, because we didn’t get too many beans.

I’m hoping to convince J. to make his awesome home fries with the potatoes on Saturday morning. I’ll roast the squash and zucchini tonight with our chicken. The cucumber will go towards the pickles I hope to make tomorrow. And the tomatoes will either go into a pasta salad, or will be eaten as a snack as is.

4 thoughts on “CSA Share, Week 9

  1. The veggies look beautiful this week! I am very interested to see how your pickles come out (requesting a sample, please!). My grandmother always used to make pickles with the cucumbers my grandfather grew in their garden.

  2. I boiled up some of the potatoes (whole) last night with the plan of mashing them. I didn’t realize they were red all the way through! My pink mashed potatoes looked a bit strange, but they did taste great.

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