Bunny Muffins (Carrot, with Chocolate Chips)

All this week, it’s A.’s job to feed his class rabbit, and he’s thrilled. We sent in some carrots with their green tops still attached as a special treat for the bunny, and I thought it would be fun to finally make these Fluffy Carrot Muffins for my own honey bunnies this week as well.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, though I used white whole wheat flour and reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup. I also added about a half cup of mini chocolate chips as insurance the boys would at least try the muffins. I used a mix of regular cupcake liners and those nut & party cups — unfortunately, the latter were underbaked and I didn’t notice until they’d been out of the oven for quite a while. The boys only got to enjoy half of the batch, and the rest went in the trash.

Despite the obvious carrot shreds in the muffins, both boys ate the muffins happily two days in a row — I was surprised. Next time I would reduce the sugar by another 1/4 cup, and I would sub at least part of the oil with applesauce, not so much to reduce the fat but to increase the fruit servings. I think you could easily bump up the amount of carrot, too. I do plan to make these again, since I expect we’ll continue getting lots of carrots through our CSA.

No photo, because I tried to take one late at night and the lighting is just terrible — it would put you off of trying these muffins forever. Next time!

6 thoughts on “Bunny Muffins (Carrot, with Chocolate Chips)

  1. G ate carrot shreds…that’s cool!:)

    I know! Totally shocking! I told A. I was going to call them Bunny Muffins in honor of the class pet. I asked him why he thought I would call them that. And he said, “I don’t know mom, the rabbit isn’t orange!” I did reveal that it was because of the carrots, but I don’t think they could wrap their little heads around the idea of carrots in a chocolate chip muffin. — Dara

  2. another idea – if you want…use yogurt as a subsitute. i use yogurt or pudding in my “eggless” baking. R thinks they are best baked goods ever…too bad he’s never had a real fluffy egg filled baked good!

  3. i made those the other day, and my kid won’t eat them. maybe next time, i’ll try the chocolate chips.

    i think they’re kind of greasy though – i was going to try again subbing milk for some of the oil. applesauce in lieu of oil might work too.

    Since mine were not baked as long as they should have been, I wasn’t sure if the oiliness was from that or the recipe itself. No carrots in the share this week, so I might make pumpkin muffins instead. — Dara

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