CSA Share, Week 17

Those enormous leaves are collard greens! I’ve never used them before, but a quick online search revealed that they are almost always cooked with some sort of pork fat. I did find a good thread about vegetarian collard greens, however, that I’m going to look through for ideas.

We also received 5 small onions, 4 delicata squash, a quart of slicing tomatoes, 5 large plum tomatoes, arugula, braising mix, lettuce mix, cilantro, a bit of broccoli, and 4 banana bill peppers.

It was such a tiny amount of broccoli that I just cut it into florets to eat raw with lunch yesterday. I nearly fell over when A. chomped on a couple pieces, making “nom nom nom” noises of joy the whole time.

Not sure what I will do with all these greens this week, but I think I’ll bake the squash with a brown sugar topping to bring to Rosh Hashanah dinner on Monday night.

6 thoughts on “CSA Share, Week 17

  1. Looking forward to the squash! “nom nom nom” BTW – your tomotoes and onions were delicious!!!!! R wanted to know where I got them because “they taste better than usual.”

  2. Do you have a specific recipe for the squash? I am always looking for a good veggie side dish:)
    So happy about the broccoli!

  3. What a great idea to take a picture of all the foods you receive – we get an organic basket every Friday, and I try to do my meals around them, too. I might “borrow” your idea and take some pictures next week. I found a fun recipe for acorn squash in waffles – I’m going to post it tomorrow in my weekly menu plan! BTW, I’ve tried a couple of your recipes and they are fantastic!!

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