Vegetarian Collard Greens, No Smoked Meat Required

It is indeed possible to make a vegetarian collard greens dish. As I’d mentioned last week, the vast majority of recipes for collards include a ham hock or two; some kind of smoky meat to cut the bitterness of the greens. Turns out sweet is just as good a complement as smoke.

I made this recipe almost as originally published (Collards, Golden Raisin, and Almond Saute), except I cut the olive oil down to 2 tablespoons from half a cup. Half a cup of oil to saute greens? It’s making me a little ill just thinking about it. Two tablespoons is more than enough. I also added a bagful of chopped arugula to my single bunch of collard greens.

My mom may be the only person I know that says she really likes braising greens, collards, and the like. I don’t mind them, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them, either. This is a very accessible greens preparation because the sweetness of the raisins neutralizes any unpleasant bitterness from the vegetables. And there was plenty of the raisin and almond mixture to go around — I probably could have doubled the amount of arugula and collards that I used and still have had a nice, balanced dish.

Overall a very pretty, healthy, and easy dish. It was well-received at our Rosh Hashanah dinner Monday night.

6 thoughts on “Vegetarian Collard Greens, No Smoked Meat Required

  1. Instead of ham hock, you can use smoked turkey wings or drumstick. If you want to add smokiness while keeping it vegetarian, smoked paprika or ground chipotle (if you like things spicy) work great, too. I’m going to have to try your recipe, though– it looks really good.

  2. As Dara’s sister-in-law’s mother-in-law who had the pleasure of being served vegetarian collard greens at Rosh Hashanah dinner, I want to congratulate Dara on the wonderful addition to the festive holiday meal.
    The greens were delicious, colorful and appealed to everyone. I’m looking forward to buying collard greens and preparing this dish for guests tomorrow evening.

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