CSA Share, Week 22

I’m enjoying the colder-weather crops we’ve been receiving more than I expected. I can’t help but laugh a little at myself when I get excited over a particularly lush bunch of broccoli rabe, or think I’ve really scored because we got another bag of sweet potatoes.

This week we picked up a small head of broccoli, a large bunch of broccoli rabe, another large bunch of Toscano kale, a quart of white potatoes, a bag of sweet potatoes, a quart of beets (no greens), some braising greens, and a bag of carrots.

I really enjoyed the Vegetarian White Bean & Kale Soup I made with last week’s kale, but I had enough of it to freeze so I want to do something different this week. I’m leaning towards Mashed Potatoes with Kale.

I’m making a small batch of Sweet Potato Fries tonight, but the rest I’ll use in my Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burritos this weekend.

I’ll probably combine the braising greens with the broccoli rabe, and do a pasta and sausage dish with them. I’m looking at this Savory Carrot & Tarragon Tart to put a dent in my carrot stash. The beets will keep — I’ll hold on to them until I’m ready to roast them as a side dish.

Only three more weeks in this year’s share. According to Roxbury Farm’s blog, they’ve harvested a bumper crop of cauliflower, and I’m eagerly awaiting my portion!

2 thoughts on “CSA Share, Week 22

  1. Alice Waters has a great kale and potato soup recipe in the Art of Simple food. I used that for the first batch of kale we got from Roxbury and it was great.

  2. I had such fun yesterday – I was the site babysitter and got to swap stories and recipes with everyone picking up. I’m going to be brave and try the sweet potato fries…

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