Thanksgiving Menu, 2008

© Acik - Fotolia.comThe boys are having a sleepover at their grandparents’ house, so I decided to get a jump on the week and finalize my Thanksgiving menu. I also got all my shopping done, save for unsweetened, dried cranberries (I’m going to try Mrs. Green’s, which probably carries them). I’ll pick up the fresh turkey and stew meat from my butcher on Wednesday morning. And J. will get the cheeses for our cheese tasting from Murray’s this week. I definitely feel ready! Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday — I love planning for it, cooking, setting the table, having my family here, and I don’t even mind cleaning up (much).

In previous years we started the sit-down meal with soup; sometimes a butternut squash soup, or even a clear wild mushroom. But it winds up being too much food — we’ve already taken the edge off our hunger with the cheese, crackers and fruit. We’ll skip soup this year and just serve the main meal without individual courses.

We’ll have 16 people eating, plus my sweet niece who I would like to plop on the table as a cute centerpiece. Somehow I miscounted earlier in the week and came up with 12 people. Hmmm. I hope my cooking is better than my math.

Thanksgiving Menu, 2008

Before meal:
cheese tasting platter with red and green grapes, crackers

The meal:
roasted turkey (J.’s domain)
J.’s Favorite Goulash with egg noodles

sliced cranberry sauce (from a can, that’s how we like it!)
Brussels sprouts w/ chestnuts & dried cranberries (recipe from RBF)
garlic & oil carnival squash (making this up as I go along)
savory stuffing (mom’s bringing)
dijon roasted potatoes
sweet potatoes with marshmallows (j.’s aunt is bringing)

Dessert (it’s too much, I know):
ginger chocolate chip bars
cranberry streusel bars
fruit salad (GG is bringing)
chocolate dessert (renee is bringing)
pies (j.’s aunt is bringing)

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Menu, 2008

  1. Looks delicious! I want the brussel sprout recipe- my favorite veggie! We always have too much dessert, too.
    BTW- Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, too!

  2. I may steal your idea of the cheese platter. There are never enough occasions to enjoy cheese. We used to have a giant thing of fettuccine alfredo before our meals, but I don’t want to go the super fatty route anymore.

    Myself, I’m a big fan of the whole berry cranberry sauce. Though I am in the minority on that one, I can’t imagine enjoying the solid stuff from a can!

  3. We’ll be down in your neck of the woods on Thursday, so I won’t be cooking, but I’m having a lot of fun putting together a cheese platter. Your menu sounds delicious! May everything turn out perfectly and enjoy the day. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well!

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