Passover Recipes, Past and Future


Friends have been talking about doing a recipe swap for Passover, so I thought I’d gather the recipes I made last year all in one spot. Here’s what I posted for Passover 2008:

  • Quinoa Pudding: Came out grassy-tasting, but I’d be willing to give it another shot.
  • Passover Rolls: My mom’s recipe, and a staple for the boys. Like a baked matzah ball.

Selected recipes I’ve made at other times that would also be good for the holiday:

  • Chicken Soup: Based on GG’s recipe, this is a classic Jewish chicken soup.

And finally, here are two recipes I know I’ll be trying this year for the first time:

  • Damp Apple and Almond Cake: I’ll make this for the second seder — it uses almond flour instead of wheat.
  • Savory Noodle Kugel: Using Pesadich noodles, which should be decent as an ingredient if not as a bowl of pasta.

If you have favorite recipes, please share them in the comments or via email!

4 thoughts on “Passover Recipes, Past and Future

  1. all look yummy. i will DEFINITELY make some of these this pesach. you take such nice photos, too. you are making me hungry! it’s late and i am staying away from that kitchen, girl.

  2. Wow! The apple almond cake sounds yummy@ I think I will make it for the 2nd sedar as well. I do have a tip to share…did you know that if you add SELTZER to your matza balls they will be more fluffy and not SINK to the bottom. My family is into the “floaters” and makes fun of the “sinkers”!
    Love this sharing idea = )

    We do the seltzer trick sometimes! (Just make sure it’s not flavored seltzer…) I actually like the dense, sinker matzah balls but I’ll eat floaters, too! — Dara

  3. Lemon chicken is a staple here for Passover. I am planning on making the peppers this year and will be trying salami pancakes for the kids.

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