8 thoughts on “Switching to Reusable Grocery Bags

  1. Whole Foods sells recycled (from bottles, I think) bags for 99 cents and they’re very good. Harris Teeter does too.

  2. I’ve been using “green bags” for a while now. Up here the grocery stores are pretty adament about it. In fact, one time I got yelled at (OK, that’s a little strong… scolded is more like it) at Shop Rite for forgetting mine. At least I just needed one bag that time.

  3. I’ve been using my own bags for about 15 years, spurred by the fact that many years ago, my local grocery store offered a 3-cent credit for each bag you brought (and my salary was way lower then — I needed those 3 cents!) and also by the fact that cloth bags were sturdier. When I had a car I’d keep about 10 in the trunk. Now that I walk, I always carry my Chico bag in my purse and a bigger bag in my commuter tote just in case.

    Even though the cloth bag phenomena has been around for a while, I can’t tell you how many times I need to say to cashiers, “I have my own bag.” “I have my own bag.” “Excuse me, I said I have my own bag!” But the cashiers are so ingrained to pack in plastic that they don’t even listen to me.

    On the down side, once they finally hear me say I have my own bag, they just stand there blankly as I struggle to pack my stuff and get out of the way.

  4. I try to use my reusable bags… my issue is they are either in the wrong car or I just forget them… bad me lol… but I will keep trying… I will slowly get 2 sets for each car…

  5. Of all the things I get worked up about, environmentally speaking, why am I so lazy about doing this?? I have them in my trunk…

    Sometimes the cashier/other shoppers seem annoyed. Sometimes people who bring bags seem kind of smug;) Sometimes I want the plastic bag to use later for something. I need to join you…

  6. I love recycled bags but here’s my conundrum: If I only use recycled bag then I’ll never get paper bags. If I never get paper bags then I have nothing to put my paper recycling in. So I still need to get the brown paper bags from the grocery store!

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