Baked Egg Rolls, Take 2


The last time I made these Baked Egg Rolls (which was also the first time), I described them as “yummy and healthy,” and I still agree with that assessment. However, even after bumping up the flavor a bit this time around, I don’t think I’ll be making them again. The boys won’t touch them, and I would be just as happy with a stir fry made out of the filling, without the extra step of rolling them into wrappers and baking them.

This time around I used more cabbage (8 cups, the yield from a small, 1.8 lb. common green cabbage), more carrots (3 cups of pre-shredded, bagged carrot), and less turkey (just half a pound). I wanted to add sprouts, but was surprised to find my grocery store doesn’t carry them. I did add a bunch of green onions (8 of them, minced), too. When I browned the turkey, I did so in a couple of teaspoons of sesame oil, which I think improved the overall flavor of the dish.

Otherwise I kept the sauce the same, though I think I wound up cooking the filling for longer than last time. I prefer the cabbage to remain a little al dente, but in this attempt it was cooked a bit beyond that.

The egg rolls are still tasty, and they smelled terrific while they were baking. It was a drama-free, but still terribly unsuccessful meal: G. ate a bit or two of Basmati rice, and that was it. A. had slightly more. I enjoyed the egg rolls, which is a good thing — I’ll be eating the leftovers many, many times over.

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