Special Agent Oso Salad


The boys have been watching a new show on Disney called “Special Agent Oso”. Oso, a bear, is an agent-in-training who often gets sidetracked from his missions in order to help kids complete daily living tasks. The other day he was helping to make a salad that included lettuce, cucumbers, yellow peppers, and tomatoes. I thought I might have a shot at getting some veggies into the boys by making the same salad as Oso.

A. was intrigued and actually asked for some of the salad, then took about 15 minutes to slowly chew a grape tomato. G. was having none of it — no TV tie-in is going to get a vegetable into his mouth!

The Mrs. Jones Macaroni & Cheese, which was as delicious as always, still did not pass muster with the boys.

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