CSA Share ’09, Week 3


This week’s haul included two small heads of broccoli, a large bunch of broccoli rabe, a head of romaine lettuce, mixed loose lettuce, two summer squash, a bunch of young turnips, a bunch of radishes, a pint of plump sugar snap peas (not pictured — they were already in the kitchen being washed for dinner!), scallions, cilantro, and parsley. There was some arugula available, too, but it was yellowish and pale and just didn’t look good, so I didn’t take any.

I made a chopped Greek salad with last week’s romaine last night, and it was very good — this hearty lettuce holds up to the heavy feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on. I’ll probably make something similar with this week’s romaine, though when I was washing the last head I had an urge to eat it with tuna salad. So maybe I’ll do that instead.

The loose lettuce is so delicate I need to use it immediately. I’ll make a salad with it tomorrow night. I’m also going to roast last week’s and this week’s turnips with some chicken tomorrow. No ideas for the rest of it, yet, though A. is thrilled to get the sugar snaps. These are the good kind, with many huge, round peas inside each shell — he likes to pop the the peas out and eat them individually.