Schmaltzy Roasted Garlic


Schmaltz is rendered chicken fat used in traditional Jewish cooking. You can make schmaltz yourself or even buy containers of it in a supermarket that carries kosher products. I’ve never used schmaltz in a recipe — I just substitute olive oil or similar — but tonight’s dinner reminded me of it!

I roasted (at 400° F) two leg & thigh pieces of chicken on top of three bulbs worth of peeled garlic cloves (from my CSA) for about an hour and a quarter. Aside from spraying my glass baking dish with Pam, I didn’t use any oil and because I was cooking the chicken specifically for the boys tonight, I left it unseasoned — I cook it with the skin on and then remove it before serving. I have the best luck getting them to eat chicken this way.

The garlic, since it’s underneath the skin-on chicken, cooks in the drippings as the fat renders during cooking. The cloves become all buttery and smooth, and mild as can be. Once the chicken was cooked, I removed the garlic with a slotted spoon and blotted it with a paper towel. Then I spread several cloves on a piece of challah and… mmmmmm. Heaven. If this is schmaltzy, I’ll take it.

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