CSA Share ‘09, Week 16


Yesterday we received 2 beefsteak tomatoes, 4 plum tomatoes, a pint of Golden Rave tomatoes, a red onion, a Carmen pepper, a bowl of arugula, a bowl of mixed lettuce, a tiny head of broccoli, green beans (I didn’t realize green beans could also be yellow), a small head of bok choy, a bunch of collards, a bunch of young turnips, and some parsley.

I’ve already used up the arugula and collard greens in tonight’s Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans (subbing my CSA greens for the chard, omitting the white beans, and doubling up on the tomatoes). I adored this recipe the last time I made it, but tonight it seemed rather bland. I will still try it again a third time.

I never used up my turnips from last week. I can’t say I care enough about turnips to hate them, but they just do absolutely nothing for me. Mashed, roasted, pan fried — I haven’t found a way to prepare them where they don’t taste watery. (Remember, these are young, or salad, turnips — not the big, tough turnips you’d put up as a storage vegetable.) I am open to turnip recipes! I’m thinking I might need to eat them raw, perhaps in a slaw like Simple Root Vegetable Slaw, Baby Turnip Slaw, or Buttermilk Slaw.