Individual Huevos Rancheros


I finally made the Baked Huevos Rancheros on Monday night — just as my cilantro was about to give up the ghost. I was sloppy with the prep, not taking the time to mince the onion finely enough or caramelize it for as long as I should have. I just wasn’t in to it, and the final product suffered as a result. Now I’ve got huge chunks of just-soft onions in the sauce of this dish, and I’m kind of mad at it. I also forgot to fish the whole cloves out of the sauce before I continued with the recipe, so… surprise! Someone will find them, and they will not be happy.

As for my experiment with cooking this dish in a muffin tin rather than as a casserole: it has potential. The corn tortillas are tricky — even when gently warmed they are brittle and unyielding. I was able to rip a straight line from the edge to the center of each tortilla, and the wrap it into a cone shape. That went into the muffin cup, and was then filled with beans, the sauce, an egg, and cheese. They are beautiful, like flowers, and came out of the pan with a silicone spatula easily enough if you were serving them right away. But, the bottom of the tortillas did turn into a sort of cornmeal mush that, while tasty, didn’t lend itself to the individually-wrapped single portions I was hoping for. A flour tortilla would probably be more pliable and work better for this treatment.

I’m not going to try again, though. I think that, while this is a solid recipe, it’s not right for a large enough section of my family to warrant another go. If I’m going to make an egg-based dish, I’d rather make Dimer Dalna.

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