CSA Share ‘09, Week 23


There was no pick-up last week, and after yesterday’s share we have two pick-ups remaining in 2009. Around this time I usually feel a little fatigued by the challenge of using the produce up each week. But this year, with the week off and then the huge, gorgeous share yesterday, I am feeling excited that we still have two more weeks of vegetables coming.

We received: mesclun salad mix, a big bag of carrots (I’m thinking of Roasted Carrots for Thanksgiving), a bag of sweet potatoes, arugula, a cabbage, a butternut squash, 2 celeriac roots, a couple of onions, a quart of potatoes, and green head of cauliflower.

Last year I mashed the celeriac with some potatoes, but it didn’t do anything for me. I might try it roasted the roots this year instead. If you have a favorite way to prepare celeriac, please let me know!