Slow Cooker BBQ Skirt Steak


This is not really a recipe, just a dump and set: Add about 1.5 lbs. of trimmed skirt steak to your slow cooker, cover with a bottle of barbecue sauce (I used an 18 oz. bottle of Open Pit Original Barbecue Sauce), and cook on low for 8 hours. Shred. Serve on a roll or over rice.

J. felt lukewarm about the results, which are as tender as can be but a little vinegary (the vinegar flavor from the barbecue sauce is definitely heightened as the steak cooks). I thought it was a nice change of pace from Ropa Vieja, which is usually how I prepare skirt steak in my Crock-Pot, and you can’t beat it for easiness. I want to try the “dump a jar of barbecue sauce” technique on some chicken breasts next.

One thought on “Slow Cooker BBQ Skirt Steak

  1. Instead of just dumping a jar of BBQ Sauce over chicken, add a huge squeeze of honey. It thickens it up and adds to the flavor.

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