Easy Chicken Chili, Made with Leftovers

Kalyn posted her sister-in-law’s recipe for white chicken chili (Amy’s Amazing White Chicken Chili) on Twitter recently, and I knew immediately I wanted to make it. I have a backlog of dinners I want to make when my parents are here — Hot & Sour Soup and Slow-Cooked Tex-Mex Chicken and Beans, to name a couple — but this chili sounded too good to put in the “to try, eventually” folder. I was not disappointed.

I followed Kalyn’s basic recipe, but instead of prepping chicken breasts specifically for the dish, I used leftover roasted chicken from the night before. It was mostly breast meat, with a little dark meat too. I removed all the meat from the bone and roughly chopped it into bite-sized pieces; I wound up with 3 cups worth. Then I picked up her recipe after she explained cooking the chicken. Using leftovers made this chili super-easy, and what a totally different way to make use of a chicken two nights in a row!

Other changes I made: I am apparently out of oregano, so I omitted it. My chiles didn’t say anything about the variety of pepper — I used two 4.5-oz. cans of Old El Paso chopped chiles. Even with this quantity it has a lovely warmth, but is not a gasp-for-beer spicy dish. Next time I would chose fresh jalapeño peppers instead, though I did enjoy the soft texture of the canned chiles. I used 3 cups of homemade chicken stock and did not add the additional flavor base — it didn’t need it. I rinse and drain my beans to cut down the salt content a bit. And I used a lot of cilantro, about a cup, chopped. You can add salt and pepper to taste.

We ate this chili with Bachman MultiGrain Tortilla Chips, the first time I’ve tried this variety. They were excellent and have a better nutritional profile than traditional chips. Me and my parents loved this meal, though not surprisingly the boys wouldn’t try the chili. A. ate a couple of chips, but perhaps because they were brown and somewhat healthy-looking G. could not be convinced to even eat those.

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  1. Mmm. I made chili today too, because there were two leftover hamburgers in the fridge and all the right other stuff. So, I too used precooked meat. It was great. And I included a few cooked sweet potatoes – which is a good way to hide them – their flavor was imperceptible what with all the other stuff going on.

  2. I’m interested in your reaction to the Cheesy Baked Farro. If you like it, I’d try it using barley (the alternate suggestion).

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