Reusable Coffee Mug, Disguised as Disposable

A. ran into Bed, Bath & Beyond with me the other day and noticed these cute thermal cups made by Copco immediately. “Mom, look… coffee!” he said. Sadly for me, they were not filled with coffee, but these insulated, BPA-free travel mugs are designed to look like a disposable cup from your favorite coffee shop. They hold 16 oz. of coffee, which is the same size as a Starbucks grande, and are dishwasher-safe.

I am totally in love with my mug, which has a brown band like this photo (the BB&B site sells them in all different colors; in the store they only had brown and pink). Over the past several months I have found it more convenient to make coffee at home in the morning rather than stopping to buy it while I’m out, and the take-away shape of both this cup and lid make my home-brewed coffee feel a little more fun… even decadent. For $7.99 (and use one of those ubiquitous BB&B 20% off coupons), you can hardly go wrong with this little gem. I am tempted to buy more of these cups in different colors, but I am not ready to put my already-loved Tim Horton’s travel mugs (gifts from Jodi!) out of service.

5 thoughts on “Reusable Coffee Mug, Disguised as Disposable

  1. I saw these a few weeks ago and they are SO cute! They also had some clear ones that mimic what you’d get an iced coffee in.

  2. I love those! Sadly, I never seem to have any clean ones around when I am running late and want to stop by a coffee shop (using your own mug is usually cheaper than using theirs).

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