Menu Plan Monday, 2/22 – 2/28

The boys were off from school last week, and had two nights’ worth of sleepovers at their grandparents’ houses. That enabled J. and I to slip away for a mid-week dinner date at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn, which I think I enjoyed more for the fun of being out on a weeknight and coming home to an empty house than the food. Although, I am still thinking about the warm pecan pie with schlag (whipped cream).

The bit of cooking I did do was using new recipes: Chana Masala, a chickpea curry which is just bursting with spices and tastes great the next day too; and Hot & Sour Soup, which will remind you of the dish you’d get from a Chinese restaurant, but is easy enough to make in your own home.

This week I am looking forward to a little baking: I’m trying an Overnight Coffee Cake recipe to bring to a baby shower, and I may bake cookies for the boys as well.

Monday: Roasted chicken with carrots and onions, ciabatta rolls

Tuesday: Hot & Sour Soup (leftovers from the freezer), Bob’s Cold Sesame Noodles (I will leave some noodles plain for the boys), steamed broccoli

Wednesday: Order in pizza

Thursday: Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash, steamed broccoli, challah

Friday: Dijon Egg Salad, challah, garden salad

Saturday: Bean-less Chili (made with stew meat — I’m making it up as I go along), salad, corn bread (bumped from last week)

Sunday: Pan-Fried Gnocchi with Mushrooms & Brussels Sprouts, mac & cheese for the boys

For more menu planning ideas, check out Laura at Organizing Junkie.

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