Chestnut-Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a tiny pantry, but it has pull-out shelves that enable me to cram more than I should be able to in a very slender space. I was reorganizing my baking supplies the other day and found a 3.5-oz. bag of cooked, shelled chestnuts that I bought because they were on sale for 99 cents. Turns out, it was no bargain.

I decided to chop the chestnuts into a cookie, and I used these Back Bay Chestnut Cookies as inspiration. I’m sure the recipe didn’t expect my chestnuts to be a little mushy, and practically flavorless. I proceeded anyway, and used mini chocolate chips instead of the golden raisins.

The result was a cakey cookie, which on the day they were baked were OK with a cup of coffee, but not something I’d make again. The chestnut flavor was imperceptible (I believe this is due to the quality of my ingredients, not the recipe itself), but I did enjoy the combination of cinnamon and chocolate. The flavor actually reminded me of biscotti, though the texture was much softer than that. A. ate one but didn’t ask for more; G. had a bite and then told me he was full. Full of cookies! Impossible! I think he just couldn’t wrap his head around not liking a chocolate chip cookie.

By the second day, the chopped chestnuts had hardened, and were out of place in the soft surroundings. On the third day I threw the rest out. Next time, straight chocolate chip cookies — I promise.