If It Looks the Same, It Cooks the Same

When J. and I took our knife skills class at the CIA, we learned how to properly slice an onion (cut it in half, put the cut side down, and then hold your knife at an angle as you follow up and around the curve of the onion) so that all the pieces would be uniform. After all, “if it looks the same, it cooks the same.” I was pretty pleased with this onion I sliced last night — I never would have made such equally-sized slices before I took that class. And, they did all caramelize evenly.

Those beautiful onions went on top of our pizza, along with fresh red pepper slices and Gruyere on a whole wheat crust:

I think onions are my favorite pizza topping, followed closely by olives. The boys had a plain pizza with sauce and mozzarella — they don’t know what they missed!

4 thoughts on “If It Looks the Same, It Cooks the Same

  1. That pizza looks amazing! It’s a good thing I didn’t know that you were making it or I’d have run over and snitched a piece 🙂

  2. I just thought if you as I cut onions for lamb stew for dinner. I love my neat little slivered pile!

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