Menu Plan Monday, 3/22 – 3/28

Time is flying by lately. I wake up thinking it’s Monday but it’s really Friday and the whole week has passed already. In some ways, it’s nice because it means we are happily busy, but at the same time it makes my head spin and wonder how I can fit more into each hour. My to-do list is never completed.

I have a post coming up this week about Passover, and how I am not turning over my kitchen this year. It feels a little strange but also very liberating at the same time. I’m taking a break from Menu Plan Monday next week during Passover, since we’ll be at family for much of it and the kids will be on break from school (hence, less time on the computer for me). I’ll be back meal planning for the week of April 5.

Monday: Make your own pizza (cheese for the kids; caramelized onion + red pepper with Gruyere for J. and myself)

Tuesday: Order in

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef & Barley Stew (from the freezer), rolls, honey carrots

Thursday: Spinach lasagna, dinner rolls, garden salad

Friday: Chicken noodle soup (from the freezer), challah, steamed broccoli

Saturday: Go out or order in

Sunday: J. smokes something delicious, plus sides

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