Milk Bar Compost Cookie

I have been wanting to try making Momofuku Milk Bar’s Compost Cookies ever since Jodi mentioned it to me a month or so ago. The only trick was that the recipe requires a stand mixer, and I don’t have one. Thankfully I do have an awesome neighbor, so I borrowed Sharon’s KitchenAid.

I omitted the corn syrup (others did, too) and used a combination of potato chips and pretzels for the snack food, and a chopped Nestle Crunch bar and Goobers for the candy. I also used a smaller scoop for making the cookies than the recipe suggestion — mine fits a tablespoon of dough, which is definitely a large enough cookie for us. Even though I allowed the dough to sit in the fridge for more than an hour before baking, they spread a lot.

Verdict on the flavor: they are buttery, delicate, and there were none left over after a couple of days. But they had absolutely no hint of the wacky snack food ingredients to me. They were kind of generic tasting — a good chocolate chip cookie with a hint of peanuts (from the Goobers), but not something special to make again. Disappointing!

I also didn’t like the way they spread so thin. I double-checked the recipe to see if I’d done something wrong with the volume of flour, and in the process stumbled across several posts Anna at Cookie Madness had written earlier this year about these cookies: her first post, with lots of comments about problems readers had with the original recipe on the Regis & Kelly site; a second post, where she is thinking out loud about how the recipe might not have been written quite as intended; and a third post, where she bakes these cookies successfully.

I am not a baker, just someone who likes to bake. I am probably a little too fast and loose with measurements, and after reading Anna’s posts I am sure that there were several problems in the batch I made. First, I didn’t use enough flour. Second, the dough would have benefited from an overnight refrigeration. And finally, I think the Nestle Crunch bar was a poor choice, in that it probably made the cookies spread even more than a chocolate chip would have.

I don’t have any urge to try these cookies again and get them right. Both my boys were ambivalent about this cookie, and would have been much happier with a basic chocolate chip, or their favorite cookie, where I use M&Ms instead. Next time I have a Compost Cookie, it’s going to be an original from Milk Bar.

3 thoughts on “Milk Bar Compost Cookie

  1. just curious why you skipped the corn syrup . . . isn’t it in the snack foods anyway?

    Hi Wendy, I don’t keep corn syrup in the house (can’t recall the last time I saw it in a recipe), and didn’t want to buy it for this very small amount since I’d read elsewhere that omitting it didn’t adversely affect the recipe. No bigger reason than that! — Dara

  2. I think the recipe I used was different from yours…mine did not call for corn syrup at all…or wait, I just checked…it had 1 tbsp in…I used pretzels and chips and goldfish crackers and chocolate covered raisins and cut up rolos…all in small amounts so it wasn’t crazy…and they were really yummy…no coffee grounds called for in mine, though I would like to eat that too! Mine didn’t spread too much either. I did burn one batch though, which I do most every time I bake cookies!:)

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