Kid Food My Kids Won’t Eat (Turkey Burger, Fries, & Broccoli)

So pretty, no? I served this plate to myself, and allowed the kids to serve themselves at the table. In all, they had a choice of whole wheat rolls, lettuce and tomato, sweet potato fries (frozen, made by Alexia Foods), ketchup, and broccoli “trees.” You must know the punchline by now: What did they eat? The rolls. Ba dum bum.

G. did try a fry, but didn’t care for it. We had a snow day today, and truthfully both boys were pretty hyped up and not in the frame of mind to try something new. I am sure they would like this whole meal if they’d only try it, though! As it was, A. was excused from the table before he had even finished the roll. (Yes, it was that kind of day.)

The turkey burgers were really good — I combined the ground turkey with a little panko, yellow mustard, and garlic powder and pan-fried them in a bit of olive oil. The burgers stayed soft (I sometimes have a problem with ground turkey cooking up into a hard lump) and the mustard (a tip I got from Merrie) adds both moisture and seasoning.

This meal comes together so quickly, but still feels healthy and well-rounded. I’m sure someone else’s kids would love it.

11 thoughts on “Kid Food My Kids Won’t Eat (Turkey Burger, Fries, & Broccoli)

  1. A turkey burger was Jake’s “gateway” burger. He would never eat them until one day when I grilled turkey burgers. Bummer that your boys didn’t go for it – it’s a go-to meal over here. Going to try adding mustard next time!

    1. @Carol, I love that — “gateway” burger! I will try again when they are in a more open mood. I am pretty sure I am close to them both giving it a go.

      1. Dara, have you considered making them into mini kid-sized burgers? You could cut the buns with a cookie cutter, make mini burgers and put a fancy toothpick through the top. I know it’s more work, but I bet the kids would find them fun and delicious once they give them a go.

  2. K and E would eat all of it. B–my picky one–would eat only the broc, of all things. He would decline the fries, not because they are sweet potatoe, but because they are crinkle cut. Bread and meat? Never!

    Looks yummy to me. I, too, have a tough time with turkey burgers drying up.

  3. I can commiserate with you for sure…my kids wouldn’t eat your pretty plate of food either…I just asked the pickiest one what he thought of the picture…and he will only stare blankly at me and go back to talking about the Discovery channel…I pressed and finally he said, “Well if I had to I would try ONE of the fries.”

    1. I think there’s something about an assembled meal that is not kid-friendly. That’s why I served it in pieces (and kept this pretty plate for myself). But even that wasn’t enough.

  4. Looks so good.
    BTW- only TJ would eat the fries.
    All 3 would eat the broccoli, and they would eat the burger but not on the bun, if they had ketchup to dip it in.
    My kids were picky yesterday, too. Thankfully I actually made 3 meals- because of the snow day, so everyone was happy.

  5. We don’t use turkey here, I’m not a fan of it and it’s not a common protein here unless it’s Christmastime. I do make burgers every now and then and have always used wholegrain mustard for the flavour. I might use your trick of yellow mustard as well next time so they are even juicier!

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