Bobby Flay’s Bulgur Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette

I had leftover bulgur from when I made Vegetarian Moussaka, so I’ve been on the lookout for a good way to use this ingredient again. Bobby Flay’s Bulgur Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette caught my eye because it reminded me of tabouli, but with less parsley (that’s a good thing in my book). I served the salad with barbecued chicken, and it was fantastic. The dressing was good enough that I encouraged my sister-in-law, who was keeping me company in the kitchen, to dip a spoon in it to try it straight from the food processor — we couldn’t wait to add it into the bulgur.

I made three small changes to the recipe: I did not add any red onion to the bulgur salad; I used a large, seeded jalapeño pepper instead of a serrano; and I used plain honey instead of buckwheat. Next time, I will go ahead and put in the extra onion and use a hotter pepper, since I barely detected any heat from my oversized, supermarket jalapeño. As for the buckwheat honey, I had to look that one up. Sometimes called “black honey,” it is a very dark, malty type of honey made when bees hang out around buckwheat plants instead of something like alfalfa, which makes them produce a lighter and more common honey. I’d buy buckwheat honey if I came across it locally, but I don’t think it’s mandatory for this dish.

I find myself saying this often with many of the whole grain side dishes I’ve been trying: Bulgur Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette would be great for a barbecue. It’s healthy and fresh, and can hold up to sitting in the sun for a while. I will definitely be making this salad often this summer.

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