Teriyaki Turkey Sliders with Grilled Pineapple & Broccoli Slaw

The weather has reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day” lately, with incessant hard rain and constantly gray skies. In the middle of the deluge, though, there was a break for a couple of hours of weak sun on Tuesday afternoon, and I was able to cook this meal on the grill rather than the stove top.

The recipe for Teriyaki Turkey Sliders comes from Dinners for a Year and Beyond, the blog of personal chef Amy, who has tons of great dinner ideas for families. The flavor of these small burgers is excellent, even if you neglect to brush them with hoisin sauce while cooking. I think ground turkey takes the soy sauce, scallion, and hoisin mixture perfectly — the turkey is so mild it doesn’t compete with the seasoning, and you do feel like you’re eating an Asian-influence burger. I overcooked mine a little, so they weren’t as juicy as they could have been. But paying better attention to my grill, or even adding an egg to the meat mixture, would easily remedy that flaw. We plopped our burgers on whole wheat buns with a little salad mix on top; my dad added ketchup as well. I wasn’t able to convince either of my boys to try the burgers, though.

Since I had the grill on already, I sliced up a fresh pineapple, using a melon baller to remove the core from each slice before putting them on the grill. I didn’t add any kind of glaze to the fruit, because the natural sugars caramelize beautifully without it. My broccoli slaw was a quickie production: packaged broccoli slaw mix, and a dressing made with light mayo, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. It was lackluster, so say the least. Too bad, since I do have some wonderful slaw recipes, like Sweet Sesame Cabbage & Radish Slaw, Cashew Cabbage Slaw with Sesame Dressing, or Spicy Cabbage Slaw, in my arsenal.

Regardless, it was uplifting to eat such a cheery meal without hearing rain pelting down on our roof. The reprieve was short-lived, though… by bath time the skies had opened again.