Campfire Crescent Rolls

We went camping in the Kenneth L. Wilson campground last weekend, just for a night. I couldn’t wait to try out a technique for cooking crescent rolls over a campfire! I originally saw the idea on Pinterest, but there are lots of pictures of this camping treat online.

I used Immaculate Baking Co.’s Crescent Rolls instead of Pillsbury — the ingredients are a little better. The picture above is the first and only roll we cooked on a stick. Unfortunately, the dough didn’t separate into triangles when I popped open the can — it was one big blob. I had to just rip it apart, stretch out the dough, and then wrap that small piece around a stick. It took a while to cook, but once it was done all four of us agreed it was fantastic — we each got a nibble from this one stick.

As good as that roll was, I didn’t feel like standing around for another 10 minutes per roll to make the whole batch this way. Instead, we made a makeshift baking pan from a piece of aluminum foil and pinched off pieces of the rest of the dough to make lots of little rolls. Covered with another piece of foil and set on a grill over the coals of the fire, these itty bitties baked in about 20 minutes and were just as delicious.

Although we need to work on our technique, these Campfire Crescent Rolls will definitely be part of our next camping trip.

4 thoughts on “Campfire Crescent Rolls

  1. After you posted about this before, I bought a package to make…and it is still sitting in the fridge…so this has reminded me not to forget!

  2. someday, i’ll try grilling something bread like over a fire. haven’t ever done it. that’s oddly intriguing for a camping trip.

    1. I would like to try making pita, too… I think I could pack my own homemade dough and make it the night we arrived. That would be fun!

  3. Hi Dara,

    Somehow found your blog and immediately thought of my daughter and her two kids with one fussy eater.

    I tried looking for your challah recipe but haven’t found it. I’ve been using a bread maker and Marcy Goldman’s Friday Night Challah recipe but I’d like to know yours as well.

    Best wishes,
    Slkchik (My husband has a SLK Mercedes and when I was a college student someone called me a slick chick, so that’s my handle.)

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