Roxbury Farm CSA 2011, Week 11

This week we received 4 ears of corn, 1 cantaloupe, 1 eggplant, 1 bell pepper, 1 cucumber, 3 Carmen peppers, 1 quart Golden Rave tomatoes, 1 quart green beans, 1 head broccoli, 1 head bok choi, 2 jalapeƱo peppers, 1 pint Ping Pong tomatoes, 1 small bowl arugula, 1 small bowl of lettuce mix, and a small handful of basil.

I spent more than an hour breaking down all this food into prepped and ready-to-eat portions. My desire to eat healthy has been at a low ebb lately, and I am trying to make it as easy as possible for me to grab the good stuff from the fridge — quick! — before I decide to eat one of the kids’ granola bars instead. I really like vegetables a lot, it’s the prep that puts a barrier between me and them! So, I know have lots of containers ready and waiting: sliced cucumbers, melon balls, red pepper rings, green pepper sticks, broccoli florets, and washed and spun lettuce mix. I also washed and sliced the bok choi for a tofu stir fry tomorrow, and the arugula is washed and dried as well. I have some leftover whole wheat pasta in the fridge and lentils in the pantry, so I’m going to make the vegetable portion of Pasta with Lentils, Tomatoes & Arugula and toss that in with the orecchiette (using the Ping Pong tomatoes instead of canned).

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