Thanksgiving 2011: The Plan

J. smoked this turkey for our 2009 holiday. It kept the oven clear, which makes the rest of the meal prep easy.

I’m counting down to Thanksgiving. Although we won’t be doing any cooking this week, I do need to order the turkey and lamb, so I wanted to get a head start on our whole menu. I’m pretty happy with it overall, though I did see a chef on “Chopped” make potatoes sauteed in duck fat and I can’t get that out of my mind. I’ll have to just file that idea away for another time.

Thanksgiving doesn’t seem complete without pecan pie, but I am forgoing it this year since we already have a ton of dessert — more than 15 people can eat. What’s on your holiday menu?

Bourbon & Ginger Apple Cider
Cheese Plate (Build a Cheese Plate / …Ring in 2010 / Cheese Saves Us…)

Roasted Turkey + gravy
Roasted Leg of Lamb (J. has been wanting to cook one)

Onion Jam
Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows*
Wild Mushroom Stuffing
Cranberry Sauce (we like the canned stuff)
Steamed Artichokes with Green Olive Dressing
Mustard Vinaigrette Beet Salad

Fruit Salad*
Apple Pie*
Pumpkin Pie (from Connie’s Bakery, through a school fundraiser)
Coconut Pie*
M&Ms Brownies (at the request of my boys)

* being brought by a family member

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011: The Plan

  1. If you want the essence of pecan pie without the whole pie… get some Medjool dates, cut one in half, and stick a pecan in the hole left by the pit. Not exactly the same, but close enough for me!

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