Spaghetti with Lentils, Spinach, & Red Pepper

This is a thrown-together meal with no particular proportions. I used whole wheat spaghetti, and tossed it with a sauteed mix of green onions, baby spinach, a red pepper, and Melissa’s Steamed Lentils.

The lentils were pre-cooked, and I found them in the produce section of my supermarket. I love lentils but I’m not great at cooking them — I’ve yet to find the perfect balance between fully cooked but not mushy. These lentils, however, were perfect. They are vacuum-sealed, so they retain their brick-like shape even once you open the package; you’ll need to crumble the lentils into your dish to break them apart. But, for convenience and flavor you can’t beat them. My days of buying dried lentils except for soup may be over.