Roxbury Farm CSA 2013, Week 7


What a difference a week makes! Last Wednesday, we were suffering through near-100 degree days and it was incredibly oppressive to be outside. But today, there was a cool breeze at 5 PM when we went to pick up our vegetables. This is my kind of summer weather: sweat-free, please.

Aside from the kohlrabi, I have not felt very challenged by this year’s share so far. Everything is easy to use and I don’t have to think hard or even look up recipes for most of it. This week follows the same trend. We received 6 ears of sweet corn, 1 quart of potatoes, 2 yellow squash, 1 cucumber, 2 small eggplants, 3 green peppers, 1 quart green beans, 1 bunch Swiss chard, 1 small bowl of salad mix, and a bit of basil.

I turned last week’s Swiss chard into a lovely salad with lentils and feta, based on Swiss Chard with Lentils and Feta Cheese. However, the only thing cooked in my version is the lentils. I left the onion and chard raw (de-stem the chard if it is touch and slice it in ribbons). It was very good and I may make it again.

The eggplants are destined for Chatzilim (Israeli Eggplant Salad). I have a hankering for it, so on the menu plan it goes.

And ah, the corn and potatoes. We are not big eaters of either. Last week I made a salad of the raw corn with cherry tomatoes and lots of basil with a little vinegar, salt, and pepper. The corn is so sweet! This week I may try to coax the boys into eating some on the cob. Although A. doesn’t eat any kind of potato (not even chips, not even french fries, not even mashed!), his brother sometimes will so I will make a small batch of Oven Baked Potato Chips one night.